Our Story

Blue Delta Restaurant Group brings the Japanese Izakaya style of dining to three locations in the heart of the East Bay California, including Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Danville.  The name “Izakaya” is a compound word consisting of “I” (to remain) and “Sakaya” (sake shop), showing that the Izakaya originated from sake shops which allowed customers to remain on the premises to drink and eat. They served dishes that were small in portion while offering many varieties, nearly all of them designed for drinking.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Blue Delta is redefining the idea of the traditional Izakaya by elevating its offerings and service while still providing a fun, casual, and relaxing environment.  While the fundamental culinary inspiration comes from Japan, we use ideas and ingredients from around the world.  From a casual, neighborhood sushi bar, to a refined dining establishment, we offer seasonal menus while supporting local farmers who grow organic produce and use meats and fish that are farmed and caught sustainably.

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